Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Other Earnings Sites #2 (
"Here's an illustration of how much money you can make in just a few different scenarios:"
Yes well, any picture can be called an illustration, but that is a picture of a form and does not fully flesh out a situation well enough that I could seriously call it a "scenario"
Calls itself "certified".
I suppose self-certification is technically certification.

New links and offers are added to your account nearly every month so you always have plenty of new opportunities to make money. Here's an illustration:
Yes, again, a picture can be called an illustration, but that is not an illustration of a ling, an account, a month, or an opportunity to make money.

More so, it couldn't be easier to get started because... this certification program is backed by a 100%... 60 Day... 'Make Money Or It's Free' ... Satisfaction Guarantee!
So here is where they begin to tell you that you'll be sending them money. Of course they want it up front and not at the end of the 60 days. $49

Oh, I clicked on the tab for this blog post and up popped a thing saying they'd knock an additional $10 off, so if you really want to go that route, attempt to click away and save the $10. Who knows what will get charged to your card, though. Be prepared to cancel it.

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