Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Other earnings siites #1 ( claims that if you watch their video they will pay you $500.. Then they yank it away and say you have to pay them $97 for "Web Hosting" they claim would "Regularly" cost $397. If you buy this hosting and don't make more than $500, then and only then do you get $500. So, $403, then. The video says that he doesn't want to work with "lazy people", and yet the advertising is tailor made to appeal to lazy people. "The software does all the work!" it claims. Yeah, forget that. I think I will stick to my blogs with Google ads that don't pay out much as of yet, but involve the real work of actually writing something and doesn't cost me a thing. And I'm learning how to make YouTube videos, so eventually a little bit of income will be coming in that way as well. And all for free.

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